The 7 Best SEO Tools for 2022

What The Ascent Looks For In A Great SEO Tool

The best SEO tools are those that make the SEO specialist look like a magician. They are the ones who are able to acquire the right data to uncover hidden truths and visually present their findings in a way that tells a compelling and believable story. They are also the ones who save SEO time by automating tasks that would otherwise be impossible or very time-consuming.

Valuable data

Search engines won’t tell you what you did wrong or what you did right. When you search by keyword in a search engine, your site may or may not appear; search engines won’t tell you why. Tools that can sift through thousands of data points to highlight those that can provide an explanation are the ones we love – those that reveal valuable data that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to see.

Added value

The Google Keyword Planner is available free of charge to anyone wishing to conduct keyword research. Google Search Console gives you a view of the keywords you are ranking for. Obviously, any tool on the market that you will pay to use should add significant value on top of what you can easily get for free. We are looking for proprietary data and smart data aggregators in a great SEO tool.


An SEO audit can take 2-3 days to complete. During this time, every aspect of a site’s features will be checked and evaluated. Tools that can add productivity to completing this SEO audit, produce optimized content, identify the most important places to improve a site’s response time, or generate insightful reports are highly valued.

How Your Business Can Benefit From Using SEO Tools

In the eyes of many people, SEO is all about “getting free traffic”, and they are disappointed that they don’t get more than they do. In reality, the value lies in the O for Optimization: making the most of what you have.

Target the right people

You may dream of more traffic to your website, but for certain types of websites, more traffic can be detrimental to user experience or even profitability. Thousands of bot searches on your homepage cost you more in hosting fees, and users coming to your site to buy a product you’re not selling are bad for business.

What is important is who is behind this traffic. Are you attracting the right people and reaching your target group? Finding the right keywords and optimizing content with the right wording to drive the right traffic is one of the benefits of SEO tools.

Find obstacles you couldn’t see

A website is a structure of data and commands, and it travels the Internet in small packets of information that are reassembled at another location. As we know with computers, things can go wrong. Alright Hal? A missing character somewhere in the code can create a problem or difficulty with loading speed, page parsing, or error codes.

A website may appear to work perfectly even if something is preventing search engines from crawling it properly. SEO tools allow you to simulate crawls and identify obstacles and imperfections that you can correct to improve the indexing of your site.

Get inspiration for your communication

Competitive research is always helpful in improving your business. With SEO tools, you can take inspiration from content, keywords to address, page designs that work, and ways to generate backlinks. SEO tools calculate massive amounts of data to give you access to what’s important to your business.

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