SEO tools like SEONIFY help unravel the mystery of Google’s search rankings

TLDR: With SEONIFY’s SEO tools and visitor analytics tools, website managers can both increase site traffic and form a better picture of those who interact with their pages.

Understanding the intricacies of Google search algorithms is a bit like watching the tide rise. It’s unpredictable. It’s constantly evolving. And all that you know and see is only defined by all that you don’t know and see.

Earlier this month, Google’s own internal search guru, John Mueller, dropped a few pearls during his Google Search Central SEO meetings. He told attendees the total number of backlinks does not matterthis attaching audio to a text page doesn’t matterand shorter domain names don’t matter.

But what matters when trying to improve your SEO ranking? Well, that’s the secret sauce, isn’t it? And a tool like SEONIFY SEO Tools and Visitor Analytics Suite ($29.99, 57% off)from TNW Deals) can go a long way in providing definition to all of this ambiguity.

SEONIFY unleashes a whole fleet of professional SEO tools and analytics – over 70, to be exact – all aimed at helping site owners drive more traffic and brands to better understand their customers.

If you’re having trouble locking in Google’s rich keywords, the SEO optimization tools here, including link and keyword position analysis, automatic keyword suggestions, and SEO checks page status, allow users to analyze thousands of keywords across an unlimited number of sites. Armed with this knowledge, these tools can help a site pave the way to SEO victory – and the top of Google search rankings.

Along with a handful of web analytics tools, there are also a host of features as part of this package to help a site owner learn more about their customer and their behaviors than ever before.

From average dwell times and top referrers to new and repeat visitor patterns, users can track a customer’s journey through their site and develop informed conclusions about what their users really want.

SEONIFY offers detailed daily reports with stats on all your activity as well as that of your competitors, all from one incredibly easy to use system. Simply copy and paste some code into your website and you’re set.

The SEONIFY SEO Tools and Visitor Analytics collection regularly costs $69 for a lifetime subscription, but for now, users can get all this in-depth knowledge for more than half, only $29.99 as long as this agreement lasts.

Prices are subject to change.

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