Moz vs Semrush (2020) – Which are the Best SEO Tools

Are you looking for a full in-depth review of Moz vs Semrush in 2020, then you have come to the right place. Both Moz and SemRush are SEO tools used by marketing companies. They are both very effective and include many features. Both of these SEO resources offer good value for money. They are so easy to use that even non-technical professionals can easily use them to increase their rankings in Google and gain an edge over their rival.

In this article, we will do a comparative analysis of these two popular tools so that you can go for the best one.

In general, Moz is more efficient and gives more backlinks than Semrush. Scroll down to find a detailed comparison:

Moz vs Semrush in 2020 – The Ultimate Comparison


SEMrush: It’s hard work to get the SEO keywords right, but SEMrush makes it a breeze. The majority of bloggers, SEO geniuses, and departments agree that SEMrush is the biggest hit. It has won several awards and also helps you set up an effective marketing strategy. It is a competitive intelligence suite that takes care of all your marketing needs.

Moz: Moz has some great features, but just with a specific consumer category, they work pretty well. Moz is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses that like to monitor their success (technical issues on the platform, keyword rankings) in a semi-passive way and want to know strategies to boost their ranks. Moz would also be useful for independent contractors or small businesses that don’t have a lot of customers and are content to maintain accurate customer records.

Keyword research

This is another area where SEMrush law dominates Moz. You can get more keywords with SEMrush. When you click on a URL in SEMrush, you will see the total number of ties, final places and PA/DA.

You can also get several useful indicators if you search for a keyword. With SEMrush, you can identify with higher query keywords to receive more results.

With the help of organic CTR, consumers can use the same keyword to get information

Finally, SEMrush tells you if a keyword is your target. In general, a keyword explorer is a great method for newcomers to find an inexpensive alternative for keyword research. Keyword research in Moz is also useful, but not as good as Moz. Semrush it’s much better you can say.

SEMrush Backlink Analysis

SEMrush backlinks analyzer tools are good for monitoring your connections and it helps you get information about anchor text and your links to see if someone is linking to you, what anchor text and where lies the link to your opponents. It can help you develop an effective approach to gaining more traffic to a website. You need to do a detailed review of connections to your site. It is a good backlink checker that helps you check incoming links, authority, etc.

It increases the consistency of recovery connections and identifies new sources of information traffic.

The tool helps you with the items below:

  • This helps you know if the backlinks you got are legit or spam.
  • You can evaluate your website and your rivals’ website thoroughly. You will uncover a few backlink gaps by undertaking a detailed review of the competition. The more significant backlinks you have, the higher your search score will be.

Moz Backlink Analysis:

Moz software helps with backlink analysis, but it is not as effective as Semrush. Cloud-based software allows easy access from anywhere. In some cases, missing backlinks have been reported by users.

Moz gives you the ability to –

  • Display of recently discovered backlinks
  • Checking the main pages used in most websites
  • Checking anchor text or monitoring keywords used on most website backlinks
  • Moz performs effective spam analysis and checks why a URL has a high spam score.

Topic research and SEO audits


Researching topics and keywords is an important part of content management. When you know what people are looking for, you can easily create your content. Moz tool helps you research keywords and topics to increase your website traffic

Using a powerful SEO audit, Moz eliminates website errors and helps you rank higher. It also fixes duplicate content issues.


Typically, people search for similar content on the web. Therefore, your keywords must be attractive and unique to attract customers. Semrush helps with keyword aggregation which increases your sales.

With the help of an SEO audit feature in the SEMrush tool, you can improve your Google rankings and get better ROI. It analyzes your websites and finds SEO errors

Rank Tracking


Keyword rankings can be tracked with Semrush. Semrush’s rank tracker is quite effective but is a bit more expensive than the Moz. You can alternatively use the position change report which will do more or less the same job


The rank tracker is powerful in Moz and won’t burn a hole in your pocket as it is quite affordable.

Semrush offers SEMquake as a browser extension while Moz offers Mozbar. Semquake gives a more detailed report compared to Mozbar.

User interface

Both Semrush and Moz have a simple user interface and can be used by novice users as well.


Features of SEMrush:

Audit website: this is one of the best features of SEMrush. A site audit can be performed to find and fix issues on your site. SEMrush gives the “safe rating” of the website and emails you whenever the website is at risk.

Tracking post: You can select up to 100 keywords in the pro edition of SEMrush and test how your website ranks with those keywords in search engines. Sometimes you’ll track your site’s effectiveness and fine-tune your content to make sure all keywords are rated well.

SEO specialist: SEMrush is the most powerful SEO resource that most SEO experts strongly suggest. Unless you’re spending on an SEO product first, SEMrush is your go-to because it lets you research organic keywords, spy on competitor data, and build strong backlinks. The ROI is very good on this one when applied to its ability.

Free try: The trial is free to test all the capabilities of the program.

Increase in blog traffic: Semrush allows you to discover multiple content backlinks that can improve your blog traffic.

Constant upgrade: Semrush continues to update its software to include new features. It is effective in helping SEO specialists improve their SEO rankings.

Features of Moz

Further information : Moz offers comprehensive and useful information and tests.

Keywords: Moz lets you increase your keyword feed, scores, and popularity.

Analysis of fraudulent links: The spam score helps you identify possible spam links on your websites.

Good platforms and groups: Having trouble with Moz? Read up on Moz’s forums and you’ll get some great answers.

Price comparison

SEMrush Pricing

Pricing plans for SEMrush continue at $99.95 per month to $399.95. If you start with your annual arrangements, you’ll save up to 16%

Moz Pricing

Pricing schedules for Moz Pro start at $99 per month and go up to $599 per month. By paying annually, you could save up to 20%.

SEO Audits

It is important to keep professional SEO error-free. An easily configurable, well-organized and well-executed platform is a must.

To automate content, SEMrush provides step-by-step instructions. To get priority SEO suggestions to boost results, just type in the mix of keywords and websites. Based on the page optimization ranking, you can even select the sites. This also performs immediate audits of specific keywords and analytics to automate the website.

  • SEMrush provides a detailed SEO audit on your site:
  • Monitor ranking potential
  • It gives tips on how to rank your web pages
  • Efficiency Optimization Page
  • Clean up the pages and test them.
  • Propose new site crawl alert strategies
  • SEO SEMrush Checker helps you get the best results from websites.
  • To provide you with operating information, SEMrush compares your website with other websites.

Below are the features it offers:

  • Phrases and vocabulary relevant to semantics to energize information
  • Create backlinks and take sponsorship chances
  • Maximize Channel Duration
  • Clever use of keywords to dominate your opponents
  • Semrush is the ultimate winner

SEMrush vs. Moz – Conclusion

SEMrush and Moz were developed in particular to provide in-depth reporting, web page optimization and site diagnostics, linking analytics tools, SERP range tracking and keyword research. Semrush is the ultimate winner between Moz vs semrush comparison in all aspects and you can also try the free trial by clicking the link. You can also read the comparison of Ahrefs vs. Semrush in detail. The article above helps you with a comparative analysis of the two tools so that you can make an informed decision regarding your purchase.

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